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Originally Posted by maytag View Post
All that intimation you did that I was suggesting the protests shouldn't be happening.
Sorry, I thought you did suggest exactly that. I misread your intent. My apologies.

Originally Posted by maytag View Post
You couldn't bear to hear the incongruity i pointed out, so you tossed in a straw man to deflect to.

How about address the real point I made? Why is one okay and the other is not?
I thought I did: This can't wait until the Coronavirus is over. He was just killed, the heat of the moment is now. There's emotion, there's anger, there's a need to make a change. Jesus died 2000 years ago, church can wait.
But I guess I wasn't clear: While I agreed with you that it's not safe, a tipping point was reached when the last straw was broken. At that point, protesting to demand change to stop repeated killings supersedes social distancing mandates. Even though the vast majority of us used masks. Church? Does holding mass really have the same urgency?

Originally Posted by maytag View Post
Oh, and yes, by the way, leave your mask at home for the protest. The ONLY masks being worn at these are the people who are afraid they'll be recognized causing property damage when the video gets played back at 11.

Remember the '60s, when people were ready to go to jail for their cause?

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You mean like the Boogaloo Boys?

Under normal circumstances, I didn't have any masks to wear at protests. I'm not ashamed to be identified, as I nor the groups I've protested with didn't damage any property. But I've worn mine under Covid.
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