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,..I will agree this Virus is unique, But you cant wear a mask forever to protect yourself from the winds of a virus mask may slow it down but it wont stop it,Heat was suppose to kill it,I live in Tucson, Az way past 100 Deg's A day for weeks and the numbers went up,I don't trust the numbers, or the way all this Virus protection has been conducted, I.E. Symptoms : headache,muscle soreness, coughing, temperature, fatigue, stiffness, I get all of that with the common Flu, I just don't trust the Government to tell me what's best when they don't even know,its that simple for me,The Obama/Biden ticket,sure didn't create a very quick recovery from the housing bubble crash,I think they or Obama seen that as a way to Fundamentally change America as he so elegantly stated ( the way he wants it's).Once he benefitted from America's success ,.Law school,then to government,.He didn't want the same for ALL American's or he would have done what Trump has done, up the economy and cut taxes, and the regulations that only hurt America,..Trump is no secret Genius,.any politician that wants a successful country would do exactly what he did,.Iam sure Bernie and Cortez will be wonderful for PA,.If you can drive your car on seaweed..or Sunlight have fun
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