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Just went to look at an Anniversary today. Stunningly clean, 38,000 miles...but...original engine blew 2.5 years ago and was replaced with a new engine from Porsche (My Indy shop - a VERY good one - obtained the engine from Porsche & installed). It's literally the cleanest car I've ever seen outside a showroom, and drives unbelievably well. Brakes, suspension, steering, etc. are superb. New tires too (as in, just installed today). I've already got a 2002 Boxster S (and a 2000 911) but unlike those this is a tip, which allows my wife to drive. (She can, but won't, drive a manual, and the others are six-speeds). Will decide tomorrow whether or not to's the black interior, 2004-02-01 production, $66,735.00 new. If I pull the trigger I'll post pix...
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