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I would suspect the fuel pump. There's not much up in the front that can make noise besides it and the evap stuff you mentioned.

What I would do to try and diagnose pump...

Get the noise to happen like in your video (if you can). While its whining, turn car off. Then put key back in and turn to pos 2, but dont start the car. The fuel pump should run to prime the system. Do you hear the noise when the pump starts? You could also jump the fuel pump relay with the car not running (directions can be found on forum), and listen for noise when pump starts.

I have read of boxster fuel pumps making noise intermittently, and you mentioned it does it when warmed up which is why I recommend trying the test while you have the noise occuring.

Also, whats your gas level like when the noise happens? Most fuel pumps use the fuel for cooling, if low on gas and the pump is struggling/weak it can overheat when gas gets low.

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