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Front Squealing/Whining/Whistling when hot

Hey everyone,

Had this problem intermittently last year before it got cold over winter but it's come back with the hotter weather this spring (Atlanta, Ga). Really only notice it when I'm going on longer drives or sitting in traffic and it gets hot. I did the Georgia Dragon back in March and didn't notice it at all and it definitely got put through its paces.

It's definitely coming from the front and not near the engine bay. I've manually jumped the relays for both fans on low and high and confirmed they both run with no excess noise so that eliminated them as a potential problem unless they could be caused by actual heat and not just them running (coolant flowing through the system).

I've thought it may be the EVAP system somewhere, potentially caused by the heat causing pressure changes but the squealing seems louder than any videos I've seen of bad valves or canister and doesn't seem to change volume on either side of the car.

That leaves the fuel pump, I know this is something discussed often in topics on the forum but I've yet to find a good video/thread confirming that was the case. I'm also unaware if it can be caused intermittently based on temp so starting this thread in case y'all can confirm based on my video or it helps someone else later.

AC/Heater: off - Independent of fuel level - Independent of RPM's, speed, clutch engaged or disengaged.

PS - Already ordered new tires as well
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