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Originally Posted by djomlas
does the crest on steering wheel cause any problems if airbag should deploy?
or does it pop out where the "cut" is?


The Airbag deploys at the cut line, so theoretically it wouldn't pose a problem. On the 3-spoke Airbag, the crest is riveted in place, but I think that's overkill. I replaced the crest on my 3-spoke Airbag because the original crest was marred. I dremeled off the rivet on the original and used Liquid nails to secure the replacement crest, which I believe is stronger. When I disassembled the Airbag, I found the rivet on the original hadn't been properly stamped when manufactured and would likely have detached had the Airbag ever deployed.

I would not use a double-sided tape however if I added a crest to the 4-spoke Airbag, I'd more likely use an adhesive such as Liquid Nails. This will create a better bond than the adhesive used in double-sided tape, but it doesn't cure hard, it's more like a Super Rubber Cement which will take some flexing and still hold (such as when deploying the Airbag). It won't attack the vinyl cover either, so it could be carefully removed in the future if desired.

Don't be tempted to buy one of the $1 Crests which you see on eBay. While the crest is correct, it's dimensions are larger than the Porsche Crests. It's best to go with an NOS 356 Badge which are available through a number of restoration supply retailers. Hope this helps...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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