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Originally Posted by Starter986 View Post
In around 2001 my job entailed serving hospital clients. I was assigned a truck in which I carried certain technical equipment. One day, when leaving Federal Way back to Tacoma I hit the 705 to go downtown to check my PO Box.

Slight incline leading to the front of the massive post office (11th and A street). I park my truck out front on the one way street... go in to check my mail... and return to find my truck gone. Stolen? Keys were in my pocket.

So I'm thinking, "I'm facked. Truck gone... equipment gone... I've some explaining to do."

I start thinking that could have happened when I look down the block and around the corner of another street where I see the front end of the truck sticking out. I'm like, "WTF? Is someone facking with me?".

So I walk the, literally, block towards my truck to see who is messing with me. Get to the truck: No one.

I look inside and find that the transmission (manual) was in neutral and the emergency brake wasn't on. It was then I figured out that as I was walking away from the truck it started rolling down hill... rolled a block... did a 90 degree turn rolling backwards... and parked itself behind the stop sign. It looked like it had been parked.

Scared the shat out of me... and you can bet I've employed the very methods Pipe recommends.
WOW! What a story! I'd have shat my pants! Did you play the lotto after that?
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