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Originally Posted by Perfectlap View Post
sorry didnt mean to be rude like Dr. Trump. I have barely driven the car these last two years. It's only a weekend car and my parents health crisis pretty much means I'm on a plane right after work Friday night.
I went from logging about 10k miles a year on the car to about 1k. Although at one point there my mechanic held onto my car for a very long time (partly my fault for being too busy with more pressing things) and when I finally got it back it was in such unsatisfactory condition that it made me too angry to expend any of my limited time on. I had to have the headers replaced with all four new 02 sensors, a new alternator (large $4k bill so far), the cam position sensor (an apparently difficult repair) and my newly replaced front rotors and pads were rusted into the park the dead of winter. My father was back in the hosptial a few days later so I didnt even get into with my mechanic. I drove it up and down these closed off backstreets near my home to break loose the rust. they'll need to be replaced or machined. I have a mechanic neighbor who offered to help address this but we're all in lock down now.

Oh and some guy in an SUV backed into me as he was pulling out of a parking space in this strip mall and tried to flee the scene. I gave chase and got his plates. The cop screwed up the accident report which the fugitive's insurance GEICO used to get out of accepting responsibility. I managed to get surveillance video of the fugitive's escape but the angle didnt get the actual impact or his license plate. My insurance wants me to pay the deductible but I can't bring myself to pay for another's criminality. I may take him to small claims just to ruin his day.
I'll get him to pay for the damage. Guaranteed, or your money back. PM me if you're intrigued.
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