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Hey, just noticed we disappeared from the topic list! Here’s my latest mods update. Let’s hear from some of our new 550SE forum members!

Originally Posted by Oldcarguy View Post
Well, here we go! Let's see some pics and have some info about our 550 Spyder Anniversary Editions. I'll start.

Special Edition #317 of 1953
Production Month: 02/2004
105,000 miles
Factory Options: C02, 424, 454, 502, 581, 680
Color Codes: TW, U2, V5
Original Purchase Price: $62,075.00
Purchased from the PO in Febraury 2017 for 15,500

Work performed:

Stripped rubber coating from sport seat backs and repainted backs in GT Silver Metallic to match exterior
Replaced broken driver side sport seat foam/heater, frame and suspension webbing
Replaced both sport seat back foam
Replaced sport seat upholstery with custom stitched Napa leather upholstery ordered from Classic9 Leather (Cocoa with silver stitching)
Ready for shipment to F6I for my 3.8L Stage 1+ Street Performer plus misc add-ons

At 112k miles replaced M030 struts and springs with Bilstein PSS9 coilovers
Replaced rear LCAs with custom machined Elephant Racing adjustable parts
Replaced rear toe links with adjustable Elephant Racing parts
Installed 15mm rear and 10mm front Elephant Racing hub centric wheel spacers and appropriate length lug bolts
Installed LNE .5qt sump and oil pickup extension
Replaced standard plastic oil sump baffle with x51 type oil sump baffle (FVD type)
Replaced left side axle assembly with Porsche OEM
Deleted secondary cats and replaced with Fabspeed mid pipes
Replaced rear lower underbody pan with new OEM part
Replaced steering wheel with DTCM reduced diameter, flat bottom, increased rim thickness wheel in Napa cocoa leather with silver stitching
Contracted with F6I for a 3.8L Stage 1+ Street Performer engine upgrade (with a bunch of misc add ons)

Installed Rennline pedal and dead pedal set
Installed FVD ‘turbo look’ side vents backed with CCG grill material
Installed hardtop spin locks
Purchased preowned late model Porsche 986 hardtop
GBox 2nd gear detent (preventive, not having any popout problems)
Porsche Genuine AOS
Zimmerman Z rotors and Akebono PC pads
Had minor crack in rear Carrera Light rim lip repaired and rims refinished in correct Seal Gray/Artic Silver with clear powder coat
Replaced BMC oiled air filter with stock Mahl paper filter
Replaced Borla muffler with Brombacher ‘sound version’ muffler
Replaced broken driver side sun visor mirror cover
Prepped, painted and installed ‘preowned’ Porsche Aerokit I side skirts

ECU Doctor waterproof immobilizer case
Cleaned AC condensers and radiators, fabricated and installed CCG intake cooling grills
BluTranslt Bluetooth
Frunk and trunk struts
Passenger side cooling fan thyristor
DRL hack with OPT7 led fog lights and on/off switch
.04 version coolant cap
LN Engineering spin on oil filter adapter
Refinished headlights with SprayMax 2 stage catalyst headlight system
Set of 4 genuine Porsche seal gray wheel center caps
Whole car PDR by a great PDR guy in central NY
Sun visor air bag warning label blackouts

(2016 - by previous owner)
Borla exhaust (I have the original muffler, bracket & end piece)
LN Classic IMSB in 2016 at 103,000 miles.
987 front engine mount
Rear upper control arms
Heater core
Water pump
Front sway bar end links

Links to my other pics (didn't want to duplicate post):
Rgds, Fred
#317 550 Spyder Anniversary Edition 2004 Boxster S, 3.8L Flat Six Innovations Engine, PSS9s, etc. . .
The contents of my posts are for entertainment only. As confirmed by my many motor sports fails, I am not qualified to give product endorsements or mechanical advice

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