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Originally Posted by BRAN View Post
Picked mine up from the customs today. PU chemical smell was not so pleasant, will let them sit outside for a day or 2 and it should be fine, I hope.

I have had all the former plastic headlight covers...THESE ARE NEXT LEVEL, guys!
NONE were fitting any better. Pretty thin and flexible, impressive... so a perfect fit is to be expected. I might take a few photos over the weekend.
As expected, the "gap" is very tiny as the cover can be bent a little, adapting to the slope. It wouldn't make sense IMO to put any more material on the covers, as they would ruin the 4mm gap impression.
I will use a gray wrap for the missing 2mm, I guess, which won't ruin the 4mm gap impression. No one will ever see that little workaround, and if so, I don't

We will see, but I am very confident. having a perfect solution sitting right here.
I couldn't find an acceptable match for guards red. OCD I guess ��

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