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It's amazing to look at the IMSA cars, and it quickly becomes apparent that those cars are far removed from what non-factory financed racers can come up with. I can't guess how many hours are spent in the Porsche wind tunnel to perfect that diffuser, and to make it work with all the other parts of the car. For instance, Newey talks a lot about how the diffuser and wing work together, even though it seems like they aren't very close to each other on the car. Aerodynamics aren't necessarily an intuitive thing when you get beyond the add-ons that we consider putting on our cars, like a lip spoiler and rear spoiler!

Again, I admire you thinking outside of the box! It's cool that you are diving into those fabrication projects. When I raced a first generation RX7, I fabricated a cowl-induction airbox filter assembly for it. I spent hours on it, making sure it fit just right, and using high density foam to seal it against the underside of the hood. I riveted it together, and sealed all the seams. It didn't look nearly as well finished as your handiwork, but it worked pretty well, giving me a few mph at the end of the straight. It's really gratifying to have a project like that work!
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