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Those that burned oil - did anything ever happen to the engine?

I've had my 2000 S for 7 years now. For the first 40k miles it burned about 1 quart per 5000 miles. Then the AOS blew at about 85k miles - some oil made it through but I shut it off pretty quick. It started really burning oil at about 5-7 quarts per 5000 miles. 40k miles later it still runs great despite the oil burn. I did compression/leakdown tests a couple years ago and nothing was abnormal. It's certainly going through the engine as the exhaust spits out a ton of carbon - no drips anywhere.

I'm at 125k miles now. I'm playing with several ideas of upgrading to a 987/981, rebuilding the engine to a Raby 3.6/3.8, or just keep driving it. If I keep driving I'll have to decide at some point do I sink $3,000+ for a clutch/IMS on an engine that may have issues. Plus other effects of the oil burn (cats, sensors).

Has anybody else been down this road where your engine burned way too much oil? What eventually happened? Or what did you do?
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