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I sent an email to you with a pdf as an attachment. The attachment shows how to swap the seat backs and seat bottoms of your new 2-way power seats on to the bases from your full-power seats. Unfortunately, the pdf is too big to upload here.

Your new seats have seat heaters. If your original seats have seat heaters, that will be an easy connection.

Porsche made the "full power" seats in two versions - 8 way power and 12-way power. The 12-way power seats add a powered lumbar support to the 8-way seats. If you had the lumbar support in your original seats, you will need to swap the upholstery from the seat back of your new seats to the seat back frame of your original seat if you want to retain the lumbar support. Unless you have worked with "hog rings" you may want to leave that task to a pro.

Good luck with your project. I have adapted an 8-way power passenger seat and a 12-way powered driver's seat to my car which originally came with two-way powered seats. I also installed the seat heaters. You have a much less complicated project.
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