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Unhappy Stuck bleeder valve

I finally got around to bleeding my brakes today. My father was over at my place and he helped me out. We used the tried and true pedal pumping method which worked fine until we hit a snag. It looks like the inside bleeder valve on the front passenger caliper is frozen in place. We tried and tried to break it loose but to no avail. It is stuck on there good boys and the worst part is that it is seeping a very small amount of fluid. It looks like it has been seeping for some time now because there was a small amount of brake fluid on the caliper but I never noticed because it was on the inside. We just let it be for now and finished the job but I'm bothered by this. I would like to flush that side and stop the slight seepage. My dad suggested that I take it in to the dealership to avoid breaking the thing and they will probably fix or replace the valve under warranty. I hope the threads on the caliper aren't screwed to hell and have to replace the caliper. Too bad the dealership is 2 hrs away. Do you guys have any suggestions?
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