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Originally Posted by BRAN View Post
The best solution would be to size them a little big bigger, so that everyone can grind/sand them down to their liking. And those could outs should be just cut out markings (blinker/fog light/washer).
But for now, I think they look great and wrap will do the work as a cover up.
As I said before, it seems that the factory gaps were the reason for the wrap work around (just a guess). And there are A LOT of wrap colors choices on the market.
I agree but for the amount of time the producer has put into these, working on since 2017, and the price $400+, you shouldnt have to do anything but paint them.
Over the last several years I've tried six different shades of several diff wrap manufacturers for my own projects and have not found a match. I even ordered custom made to color wrap, very expensive, didn't match so if someone finds a color match for guards red let me know. I'd gladly buy some. 😁
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