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There is a relatively new wheel called the Momo Heritage which is available in 17" and 18" size at less than $2000 a set and can be made for porsche sizes:

I had emailed Ryan at Jongbloed to see if that SPB wheel was also available in wider widths and while they can make anything for $$$ they don't have any other configs of that SPB wheel except for that one model.

If you don't need SPB legal wheels, the 987.2 Cayman 17" wheel is light (will try and weigh them tonight and post it) and the front 17x7 ET 55 is the same as the 986 front, the rear wheel is 17x8.5 ET 40 so you get a nice little bump in rear track width vs the stock 986 ET50 or 48. I really liked those on my Boxster, and I am going to do some testing and if I can find a relatively narrow 275/40/17 I am going to try to run it on those wheels on my Cayman.

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