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It looks like I've started a new fad. I had a customer come out and watched me at one race. He went back home and turned his 2.7 5 speed boxster into a rallycross car. He did ok his first time out but I haven't seen him since. He did make it to one race that I couldn't attend. I'll post some pictures of his boxster when I get some.

My friend who originally had joined in on my boxster has decided to build his own rallycross boxster. He's using a 2001 S 6 speed with 135k as his car. The first race he brought the car to, he used his the first half and mine the second. He said both cars were about the same. Mine turned and rode better but his had more power. He set the fastest time of the day with his. He brought it out this past weekend and broke a toe link on the first run. The car is a work in progress.

I also have a customer/facebook friend who saw me posting about it and decided to start rallycrossing his 924.
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