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Ignition Switch - Wrong part number

I decided to change out my ignition switch due to the key being very hard to turn once inside the tumbler. I changed it several years ago so I didn't remember which part number I had ordered. So, without removing the old switch first, I looked up the part number on Pelican Parts (2004 S) and it gave me: 4B0-905-849. So, I went down to Advanced Auto and picked one up. I brought it back and when I took the old switch out of the car the parts didn't match. I read somewhere that in 2004 Porsche upgraded the switch to the 4B0 part. I have a 2004 so I figured that was the correct part number. The gentleman at the counter at Advanced Auto asked what the build year was and of course I said 2004. When I got back to the house and realized that I had the wrong part I looked on the drivers side door only to see that the build year of my car was June '03 but it was titled as a 2004. So, I actually needed the 4A0 part number.

The install was easy. I didn't remove the seat. I just got on my back and shimmied under the steering wheel to get at the switch, No problem from there.

One last thing, to troubleshoot my problem I decided to test the movement of the key inside the tumbler once the ignition switch was out, and low and behold the key turned very easily confirming the electrical switch was causing the key to turn not so easily.
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