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Need help with Chain Adjuster Removal 987

I'm new to this forum and the Boxster community! I recently bought a used 2005 Porsche 987 Boxster S with 92,000 miles. The previous owners have done the maintenance but did not address the IMS bearing issue.

I have decided to preemptively replace the IMS bearing along with a new clutch kit and the process has been fairly straight forward to where I have so far removed the transmission, clutch/pressure plate/flywheel to expose the IMS. I purchased a Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit kit from LN Engineering and according to their instructions I have to remove all 3 timing chain adjusters (tensioners) after locking both the cams on bank 1-3 at TDC. The crankshaft/IMS timing chain adjuster and 1-3 timing chain adjuster are easy to reach but the 4-6 adjuster is not reachable even with the AC compressor removed (see photos).

It seems the M96.26 (MY 05) engine has a very different water guide housing and AC compressor mount that obstructs access to the chain adjuster.

Has anyone had experience removing the 4-6 bank chain adjuster on a '05 987 Boxster? A more fundamental question might be: do I actually need to remove the 4-6 bank chain adjuster to install the new IMS bearing?

Thanks for reading!

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