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Originally Posted by blkboxster
my 99 boxster has 13000 miles,i dont think the tires have ever been changed since the the car was built.The tires have good tread left.But is it ok that there that old

Tread depth isn't the only metric to keeping your tires. The compounds which a tires is made of starts to harden from the day it is produced. Over time, this hardening compromises both the grip and the tire's ability to manage heat, plus their potential to delaminate rises proportionately as well. It's as much an issue of Safety as it is one of protecting all that expensive sheet metal.

5 years is the very most you should keep a set of tires for this reason. For a performance tire, 4 years is more appropriate. So, unfortunately, I'd say you're due. Hate to throw all that good tread away, but that's the way it goes. Just be sure on the new set to use them all up in 4 years...

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