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I replaced the hood struts, so no more 2x2 holding the hood open.

I bought a new battery. Problem is it goes in the left rear trunk and the hatch won't open with the key. I crawled into the trunk area and found there was an old battery that was disconnected. I connected it, which will allowed me to use the jumper posts in the engine compartment. I connected some jumper cables to my new battery and the jumper post to see what electrical items would work.

1st item of business was the electric trunk release. The passenger side button wasn't doing anything. The driver's side was making noise like it was trying, but the lid wasn't popping open. My neighbor happened to stop by so I had him pull the button (which is how you do it in a 928) while I pulled on the trunk lid. It came open. Yay! The 2x2 has found a new home. That lid is very heavy. I can see why the struts would wear out. I'll be able to access the lock and see why the key doesn't work in it.

Then I tried running the windows up and down. Nadda. No sounds. Might be the switches or fuses (or something worse). On to the next test.

The headlights popped up. Another yay! Obviously this is a big deal.

Tried moving the seats, as I'll need to be able to move them to get to the bolts that hold them to the floor. Want to take them out so I can better clean the carpet. They move up and down OK, which is done thru a separate knob. The front back is its own knob and both the driver & passenger knobs are broken off. Dang! However, there is enough of a stump on the passenger side to make it move fwd and back. There isn't enough stub on the driver's side but I was able to get it to move slightly. Need to find a strong, sharp plastic poker that I can try using to move it around. Also off to the Internet to find those switches. So the seats were kind of a success.

Finally, I tried the sunroof. I could hear things running but nothing was happening, so I quit before something got really wonky. There's supposed to be a hand crank at the back of the sunroof, so I may investigate that at a later date.

All in all, a fairly successful day. This week she goes up on jack stands and the gas tank comes out.
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