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Originally Posted by tonyg
I had my 30K service yesterday at my local Porsche dealer. My car was pronounced "healthy" ($743.00 - how healthy can it be!) except the tech wrote that the front brakes were at 5mm and the rear were at 8mm, and that the brake indicator light would come on to let me know when the time for brakes would be. I'm not clear as to the meaning of the numbers and want to know; how soon is soon? Would appreciate any info from anyone who has or is about to have a brake replacement.
Having replaced both front and rears (at different times) this year, I would say that 5mm is time to replace them soon (I don't think I can say "how soon" because highway driving is easier on the brakes than city driving).

If you are frugal, and are manually dexterious, you can re-use the sensors. But if they wear away such that the Brake Wear light comes on, you will need to replace at least one of the sensors because they light up the Brake Wear light when they are worn down such that metal-to-metal contact happens with the sensor and the brake rotor. Keep in mind that it's a b!tch to remove the sensors from the old pads and so you may end up replacing them anyways.
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