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Originally Posted by Tony986

I just took delivery of my new-used '04 Boxster S last night. Unfortunately, the manual was missing (replacement on order, but will take a week). I have a few newbie questions I am hoping someone can help me with..

How do you open the gas flap? Both doors are unlocked and it still won't open.

When I get in the car without putting the key in the ignition the alarm goes off. Do I have to put the key in the ignition first everytime?

Any help would be appreciated!!!
Gas flap - on mine with the doors unlocked you just press the front part of the flap to lever it open, does yours resist?

Alarm - disarm it byt locking/unocking with the remote or turning the ignition on. The alarm is live once you leave the car so you need to do something to "prove" to the car it's you I suppose.
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