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Originally Posted by socratic
My right-rear pads are worn down when the left-rears are at maybe 40%.

I'm going to replace both sets but is there a bigger problem? Something with the right rear calipers?

Just wondering if others have seen this. I replaced the front pads and the wear was fairly even between left and right.

You have a sticking Caliper or Pad. Also, mic the rotor on the left side, if it's not within 1mm of the right-side, you need to have it turned to match, if not, you'll get a pull to the left which can affect handling, especially in the wet.

When you replace the pads, make sure that they move freely and that they are properly greased. Also, inspect the Caliper carefully. If it's been sticking for very long, you may have dirt/dust/corrosion on the pistons which may prevent them from working properly. You may even need to replace the caliper if it's too severe.

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