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"the trunk is dry"

If your coolant overflow tank is leaking (and they do!) you'll need to pull up the carpet and the wood under it to see if you have coolant down there. It can also leak around the fittings and the hoses can become old and brittle and it will leak out under the car and drip on your engine and exhaust parts causing a lot of smoke.

The oil separator goes out and causes lots of smoke out the back, it comes out the tailpipe. If this is the case, you can test it by opening the oil filler cap at idle when it's billowing smoke and if it stops, that's your problem. When the separator goes, it sucks oil into the engine and it burns off. Removing the oil filler cap relieves the pressure. Of course, this may throw a CE light, but it should go away or be easily turned off when the oil separator is replaced if you have someone else doing the work.
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