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Originally Posted by maytag View Post
Hahaha, I thought you might say that.

I'm quite willing to let my $75 be the price of the forum learning not to deal with him.

I'm also a forgiving sort. That doesn't mean that if he pays me, all is forgiven. But if he comes with real contrition, I'm all for second chances.

Thanks though, starter986!

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I had a guy screw me out of $75 for a document I prepared for his wife. Went through my usual works-everytime routine and he Western Union-ed me the cash the very day he received my corespondence (email). It was either that or the lien I was going to place on his house would be awfully hard to remove.

I have a short fuse for anyone that screws other people out of their hard-earned cash. Whether it is $75 or $7,500... a dollar is a dollar, and I leave nothing... zero... nada... zilch upon the table. I'm sorry to hear you are out $75. I'm glad it wasn't a more costly lesson.

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