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Well, against everyone's advice, I drove my car to the Panther's game......I am pleased to announce that everything went smoothly.

Why did I do it.....well, temptation got the best of me and I felt like if one worries too much over their car, it sucks alot of the fun out....besides, I guess that's what insurance is for; afterall if we can afford these cars and the parts and labor that go along with ownership, I guess we can afford the insurance deductible that goes with ownership as well.

Here's what I did to make things safer:

I found a private parking lot where they rented spots for $15 and had security that was approx 3/4 mi from the stadium. I looked to see the quality of vehicles parked there....nice cars with some Land Rovers and Hummers. As I pulled in, I told the attendant "here's $15 for the parking and $10 for you if you will park me in a safe spot and keep an eye on my car."

the 10 spot worked wonders as they parked me next to where they were standing, presumably kept an eye on it, and welcomed me back as soon as they saw me with kind words.

As always, never underestimate the power of a decent tip.

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