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Originally Posted by lskolnick View Post
Someone requested a picture of Boxster S / Carrera calipers under 16 inch wheels. Here is my setup with Carrera calipers, 321mm rotors, and 16 inch wheels. This is on my Audi. I wish I could find some 16's for my Boxster S, so I can use these 16 inch slicks I have. Anybody know of any 16 inch options?

Yep, that was me who requested.

So you have 321mm rotors, w S / Carrera calipers under 16" wheels on an Audi all secured by a single wheel alignment bolt. Fantastic and lots of clearance I see - LOL

Hey, just buy some spacers with extra long wheel bolts and make 'em fit on your Boxster S too. You'll be fine so long as your tire OD's match front to rear...

Good luck
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