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Originally Posted by liquidimports84 View Post
My shocks are worn out on my 2001 Boxster 98k miles. I'm planning on replacing some of the other suspension parts as its recommended here

The parts I'm planning on replacing:
All 4 shocks with shock mounts and bump stops
Control Arms
sway bar bushings
sway bar links
tie rod ends

I'm going to attempt to do this myself. Are there any other parts I should replace while I'm at it?
big question and im sure lots will weigh in.

here goes.
i drive on the street, getting milk and tampons, looking for an excuse to race through the neighborhood. No track racing, autocross or other. i dont take trips or long distance.

coil overs are a good choice and the costs are over a wide range. I lean towards yellow speed for a cost factor and the reviews ive seen have been excellent, so far my experience is the same. YMMV and undoubtedly others will weigh in.
control arms...there are a few of them under there but the quick wear guys are the rear front arms that cause a clunk over bumps.
4 in the front, 2 each side and 6 in the back, 3 each side...if you have litronic headlights you need to place the sensor on one of the fronts so be prepared to replace the mount, they break if you aren't careful.
I went TRW for tghe rear front trailers and sourced other aftermarket parts for the rest that have been performing for years without issue. (I probably only needed to replace the rear front trailing arms for the clunk, but replaced my entire rear suspension and front control arms except the tie rods.) I sourced the parts and had the labor done by friends shop, but the tab was still almost 3000 bucks, including alignment; a must.
the coilovers are 1000 to 5000 bucks, depending on what you choose. I went with yellow speed around 1100 bucks and they have been awesome. I did these later and paid another 1500 for installation and another alignment.
i expect you a have an exploded diagram of the suspension and looking for your sources, share your experience and some of us are here to help with unbiased advice.

there you are, wait for the others.

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