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Originally Posted by 01boxster
i ve got lotx think hell come all the way to Toronto?....for 85$...heheheh

glad u got the dents was the before and after...did u notice anything at all after they were pulled?
The before wasn't too bad,it just annoyed me because I have seen the dent and 1 person actually said something about it,"Hey did you see that small dent on your passenger door?". I tried to take pictures of it but it was that hard to see,I couldn't get the right light at the right angle. Marty found it the one I called him for,took out 90% of it and there is not a sign of any work. I wasn't going to be a pain about the VERY SMALL amount that is left,it was a hard dent to see in the first place. The other one dent was even smaller and he removed that one 100%. I'm 99.9% satisfied,I add the other.1 but there is still a VERY SMALL trace of one!
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