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So Dent Vanish came by this morning....

I have had a fair share of minor dents put in my Boxster since I bought it. Using it as my daily driver to work,on errands and such has taken its toll. I seeked professional experts to remove one minor dent that someone had pointed out at work,keep in mind it was one of those you can only see at an angle. Well someone on this board recommended Dent Vanish . I gave them a call and set up an appointment with Marty Runik(Master Metal Craftsman). The closest appointment I could get was in a month,today October 2nd,he was booked until then. I get woken up at 9AM this morning from Marty reminded me about our appointment,awesome, time to get that darn dent removed! So Marty shows up,encourages me to watch,removes the dent in 10 minutes,and removes another very small one FREE! What a guy!

Ok for only $85 I received;
-A wake up call
-A pro came to my house,I didn't have to go anywhere
-2 minor dents removed from my car for the price of one

Thank-you to whoever recommended me to him,I will without a doubt call him when I get another dent. His number for anyone in the Sacramento/Elk Grove/Cameron Park/Bay Area is 916-803-8930 .
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