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Ordered a 987 S (as a stablemate to my Cayenne S)

I have placed an order for an '07 987 S (6 speed). Looks like it will be a March or April delivery. This will essentailly be a warm/clear weather toy only ('06 CS is my daily driver), so I intend to keep it more or less garaged until Spring breaks in the NE.

Spec's are as follows:

Meteor gray metalic
Black std leather
Black Top
'18 inch Cayman S' wheels
Wheel Caps with colored crests
Rear Center console painted to match exterior color
Heated Seats
Porsche crest in headrest
Windstop w/storage box
Black Floor mats with Porsche lettering
(Also will add clear side markers upon delivery)

Options totaled less than $3K. I tried to really skinny it down, leaving off typical "big ticket" options like Xenons, Bose, climate control (they actually charge $550 for that!), PCM/NAV. This helped keep the MSRP at a pretty lean $58,XXX-- pretty darn good for an '07 987 S. Given my purposes for this car as a warm/clear weather toy, and a very healthy discount agreed to by the dealer, I think I am getting a lot of bang for the buck. Plus, I like the feeling of having "designed" and specially ordered the car (did the same with my CS) and I will probably keep it for many years.

One last thing...I have gone out on the limb a little ordering Meteor, as I have never seen it in person. It is a throw back color from the mid-1970's. It seems really close to Seal Grey. If anyone has one already, or pics of meteor on another P-Car, please post or send an e mail.
'06 CS - Basalt/Black Full Leather
'07 987 S - Meteor Grey/Black/Black (on order)

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