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A few years back, my family spent a night in Durham during a trip out to the outer banks. When we were checking in to the hotel, my then-8 year old son struck up a conversation with the hotel manager about cars. He approached me afterwards, asking if we would be interested in a private tour of a Porsche collection in town. I jumped at the opportunity, obviously.

The next morning, my son and I walked to the address he gave me. Bob Ingram's son met us and clearly enjoyed geeking out and showing us all of the cars. It was one of the most incredible collections of cars I've ever seen, if not the most. Some cars I never even knew existed. Ended up buying my first Porsche not long after this.

From what I could see from the photos and video, we're lucky even more people weren't injured or killed. What a terrible accident. Probably preventable, but knowing how utility construction works, there are so many potential communication failure points, sometimes I'm amazed stuff like this isn't more common.
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