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Spent some time tinkering with the Durametric today.
When the p1325 or p1341 code is cleared and then Actual Values for Actual Camshaft and Spec. Camshaft Angles are selected on the Durametric, the result is a flat-line for both bank 1 & 2 for a mile or so. Then, they will both swing wildly out, up to but never exceeding 40* for both banks at the same time. Again, this usually lasts for a mile or so.****
Then, one of the banks will return to the ideal +/- 1*, right in line with the Actual Camshaft Angles for both banks.
The other bank's Spec. Angle will continue to be out of wack, swinging wildly upwards of 40*.

Stop, check codes and whichever bank had the Spec Camshaft Angle out of wack would throw a p1341 or p1325 depending on the side. The p1341 showed up 3 times, and the p1325 showed up 2.

Actual Camshaft Angles are always great.

Never a CEL. Car runs great.

I know I am not getting much feedback....I am still hoping someone who has had a similar experience might stumble in to this thread and offer some form of direction....

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