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Originally Posted by mikefocke View Post
Most service managers are sales motivated, not experts. Yours may be different but always approach what they say with considerable doubt.

Raced Boxsters fail less than garage queens. Who says. Well the guys who discovered that they could do things Porsche said couldn't be done. And they race every weekend.

Change the oil often, maybe half what the manual says. Use good approved oil. Inspect the filters every time. Once the temps have risen to the center of the gauge for a while, then run the revs up. Splash that oil around. Not saying to miss a shift and over-rev. Just take it into the 5k range for a bit.

Mike, what about getting a magnetic drain plug and oil analysis every oil change? How valuable is a visual inspection of the magnetic plug?

I just bought my Boxster and that's what I plan on doing.
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