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Found some time this weekend to pull the solenoid for bank #2...the side that was showing Spec. Cam values out of wack as described above in post. I also pulled the screen in the solenoid hole and did a thorough cleaning of of both screen and solenoid. I bench tested the solenoid to make sure it was making all the right sounds and it was. In addition, I cleaned the electrical contacts for the solenoid and plug.
I reassembled everything and started the car and let it idle for about 5 minutes while I buttoned up the garage and readied the Durametric for the road test.
I brought up the Actual Cam values and Spec Cam values for both banks on the Durametric. The Spec Cam for bank #2 was flat-line/0.00* at idle, instead it was dancing along nicely at +/-1* like the others, but when accelerating, it would swing wildly out to @ 40*. I got to the end of the neighborhood development and thought I better check to see if there were any codes. P1325 was, of course, present. (still no CEL).
I decided to clear the code and proceed with my test drive to see if there was any improvement as the car warmed up and was driven.
within about 2 miles, something bizarre happened. Bank #1 started to act in the same way as bank #2. For about 2 miles of driving, some stop and go, the banks were very close to each other in their Spec Cam values. Both would swing wildly up to @ 40* when accelerating and then settle to @ 5-6* when just normal driving. I kept waiting to hear the whole motor grenade behind me, but I pressed on.
Within another mile or two, bank #2 stopped the symptoms it had been exhibiting as described in the previous postings. It was dancing along @ +/- 1*
Bank #1 had apparently taken over the crazy behavior. I pulled over and checked for codes. P1325 was gone....only to be replaced probably already guessed it....P1341.
Stunned, I thought I better keep test driving to see if anything would change again. Freeway drive now for @ 10 miles. Bank #1 swinging wildly out to 40* under acceleration and settling back to 5-6* while driving.
Then, almost back to the garage, the Spec Cam reading for Bank # 1 went flat line/0.00*. It didn't matter if I accelerated, idled, was flat-line while the others Actual Cam and Spec Cam readings for both banks were +/- 1*. I pulled over and checked for codes. The p1341 was still showing (since I had never cleared it?) so I cleared it.
I turned around and went back out for @ 10 more miles of driving. The flat-line for Bank 1 Spec Cam still present and the others still normal.
I finally got back to the garage, checked for codes....and no codes were showing.

Could the bank #2 head having been machined when I pulled it to replace the bent valve/broken spring be causing havoc with the system? Total amount shaved would be @ .003.

I did not pull Bank #1 head...just replaced all springs and lifters.

I wouldn't think so but I believe Porsche's are designed with pretty tight tolerances....

Just spit-balling here.

Maybe someone with deeper knowledge about engine builds can chime in?

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