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Worth the repair, or let it go?

Hello all,

I've got a 99 boxster, 5 speed, with just over 145k. I've been putting some serious time and effort into the car, which I only purchased 10 months ago for $7k. As its so recent, I'm not emotionally invested in the car, so I'm looking at what is the logical thing to do.

I recently had a major intermix issue. I replaced the oil cooler, flushed the coolant several times with DI water, and changed the oil. It does not seem to have made much of a difference. Last night I was driving it for the first time in about 6 weeks, and coming off throttle to idle in neutral it would die. The RPMs would just fall straight to zero unless I gave it some gas.

I spent today cleaning the throttle body, intake plenum, and idle control valve, and they were gummed up pretty bad and soaked in intermix oil. I suspect now I need to change the AOS.

Basivally I'm at the point where I need to decide if this car is worth putting more time and effort into or passing along. I've already got about 2k into tires, plugs, coils, shifter, cooler and other various parts.

So, think an AOS would do it, maybe its old intermix in there? Or is it rebuild time?

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