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Well I figured I got the car for such a good deal, it does have 100K on it, I might as well replace the vario cam solenoids. I ordered up a pair and got them installed today.

I did bench test them prior to install and there was a noticeable difference between old and new.

Now before the install, I had both p1325 and p1341 with no CEL.
On the Durametric when selecting. Spec. cam angles, the bank 1 would show flat line and then soar wildly as described in last post. Bank 2 seemed fine.

Bank 1 is 1341 code and bank 2 is 1325.

So with durametric plugged in, I headed out on test drive. I cleared all codes. Engine running fine.

But....when looking at the spec. cam angles, bank 2 is now the flat line and soars way up to 40*!!! and never really settles down to meet the other side like bank 1 used to. it will get to 5-6* out from bank 1.

Bank 1 is 1* or less for its angle reading.

I now only have p1325 code and no p1341.....yet. Still no CEL.

I have no freaken clue what in blue blazes is going on.

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