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Originally Posted by itsnotanova View Post
Looks good. Details?
I saw an ad on Facebook marketplace. The guy traded an old VW bus for some cash, a Boxster and 2 extra sets of Porsche wheels. He sold the Boxster to someone that was going to track it and kept the wheels. He had a set of 17" cup wheels that were painted Guards red and the ones pictured $500 for each set. Said these came off a 911 and were beat up a little but not bent. He lied LOL What threw me is they were gold. I couldn't find any reference anywhere that Porsche used gold on this style wheel. Pretty good tires on these, new tires on the cups. I offered him $300 snd he took it. Got them home and installed and they were so bent the car was undrivable. Took them to a place in Indy that restores and straightens wheels, $145 a wheel. Just picked them.up today.
Haven't got them on the car yet but they look great. Hopefully they will drive great 🤞
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