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Boxster window problem - help please

Hi all,

I'm hoping for some assistance - I have a 2001 Boxster s (now with a UK driver's side window problem).

Here are the facts:

Boxster garaged (dry) since October 2018
Two weeks ago started up (used power booster - jump start) and idled for ~ 30 mins (to burp, etc)
Yesterday started (used power booster - jump start) and idled for ~30 mins (pretty sure both windows worked)
Tried to restart without booster (drivers side window was down)
Car failed to turn over - got the unusual dashbord lights, etc
Drivers side window will not move at all
Passenger side window is fine - drops on roof opening, closes on roof closing
Pressing driver's side window switch I can hear either relay or solenoid type clicks in door
No screeching noise apparent (symptom of faulty regultor - I believe)
Started car with booster - no change with window
Disconnected battery and left for 5 mins (x2) reconnected and tried to move window - no change
Held window switch down (and up) for 10 secs - no change

Not sure what to next - trying to exhaust all avenues before taking the door card off

I think it's unlikey that the motor or regulator failed at that point in time - although it is a possibility

Fault appeared immediately after trying to start the car whilst not sufficiently charged (I thought 30 mins running and it would be ok)

Any advice on what else I could check will be gratefully received.

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