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Ticking sound pass vent, and how do you remove the tension cables?

2000 Boxster S, 47k miles.

I'm hearing a sound from the engine, it's like a playing card in your bike spokes. It's coming from right there at the passenger side vent, this steady ticking sound. I can hear it when it idles, and I think it's rev-related in speed. I know the belt is possibly a culprit, but I was also wondering if it could be bearings in the engine cooling fan since it sounds like it's right there at the vent.

In regards to this, I'd love to remove the top hatch and take a look. Which brings me to my next question, how do you remove the ball-and-socket joints at the end of the tension cables on the soft top? They seem pretty stuck on there, I can feel a tiny metal tab at the bottom of the outer metal ball but not sure what to do. BTW the cable has a black plastic wrap but nothing on the ball ends (heard there used to be red plastic here somewhere that would lengthen and cause problems).

Thanks for any help, car is recently purchased and just trying to track down all the gremlins and get it running smooth.
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