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2-owner with records, pristine condition & original paint, no stories or love taps in traffic, low mileage, limited edition SE with every option known to man or Porsche, up for sale at the cusp of spring, interior color option that was on only about 150 cars in North America, top color that is actually available in the aftermarket when the time comes for replacement, 6 speed not tip, IMS / RMS done, and a fresh clutch...
I don't know this particular car, and I personally prefer the cocoa brown interior, but my thoughts follow:
I have bought 2 of these now in the range of half his asking price. Both were in substantially worse condition in one way or another. If I wanted a pristine car for occasional weekend drives that would lie protected in a garage in between, until it possibly even started to appreciate one day, this car would be a very strong consideration at around 19-21k. I deferred on a similar car for 17.8k in the past - it only took hours (that same afternoon) for someone else to fly in from another state and purchase it.
I needed a car that could be driven to work or parked in the grocery store lot, and that would spend the vast majority of its life outside, that my kids might accidentally climb into with fast-food-fingers, and would likely never see a concours competition. So I bought something different, not as pristine but just as fun to drive. To correct either of my SE's to the condition of this car would certainly have cost at least the price differential.
Most people shopping for a 550 SE specifically want a 986, just the apex of the line. A 996 or 987 would not be considered an alternative, regardless of price, for many of us.
This car may not be worth the asking price to any given person. And the seller may not be motivated by price alone. But I predict someone will likely find it fits their specific wants and purchase it not terribly far from asking, in the near future. (BOL to whomever that is.) I am not trying to affect anybody's bargaining position or shift the market somehow. I am just saying that based on my experience, if you want it badly and budget allows, jump, because the nicer examples are getting rare and if you don't jump, someone else will. And more affordable examples of the same car are certainly available, just not in this condition. They are wonderful cars that drive just as well with road rash, 150k miles, and aging leather.
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