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Is she going to be DIY or shop maintenance/repair car?
For the most part, parts are going to have to be ordered and shipped, so your transportation dependence plays a part as to doing preventative replacement (AOS, WP, Coolant tank, ENDLESS LIST, etc) or waiting till issues crop up. I have to say for my 55k miles (some daily driver) she just worked. A couple replacements were have to's (Coolant tank, evap system for inspection). Others like the AOS, WP were preventative (Originals were in perfectly good working order).

Just drive it. You seem to have a really nice low mileage car with some of the big ticket items done

Also things like pads, tires, oil, belts, plugs well they are maintenance items like any other car so you can inspect and follow the recommend schedules (except oil - don't get the forum started)
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