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Buying a Car That Has No Plates

I'm looking at a car now, may go to see it tomorrow. Only problem is, it has no plates. The guy knew he was going to be selling it last Fall, he took the plates off before the winter and cancelled the insurance and stored it in his garage.

Two obvious issues: (i) my test drive might have to be very limited, and (ii) getting a PPI and having the shop do a test drive is going to be a problem.

As to the 2nd one, I spoke to the shop and they'll flatbed the car to & from the shop for a small, very reasonable charge. But how are they going to test drive it, particularly a high speed test drive on a major highway/interstate? I asked if they could put dealer plates on (it's a Porsche dealer) for the test drive, but was told they can only put dealer plates on dealer-owned cars, which was the answer I thought I was going to get.

You can't just stick any plate on the car. If you ever get stopped, you'll wind up with several tickets (unregistered, uninsured, improper plates, etc, etc) and they'll probably impound the car. And I think Uninsured is a misdemeanor, not a traffic infraction.

Any suggestions? Anyone ever deal with this in the past?
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