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Originally Posted by particlewave View Post
Pull the start lock relay out, then insert a jumper wire between pins 30 and 87. Turn the key to start. If it cranks, the issue is likely with the DME/security lockout. If it still won't crank, the issue is likely the starter/power.
Thank you particlewave, where is the start lock relay out located? (driver's side trunk?) How do I identify it (#7)? If jumping those terminals does start the engine, can I shut it off by turning the ignition key off or do I have to remove the jumper? Is there any way to measure the voltage at the starter from underneath the engine? Looks like I need to remove many parts to access it from the top. I doubt it is the starter as I never had any problems starting it before...but electrically, anything can happen. Is there any way to directly test the DME/security lockout? Sorry for all the questions at once, but I think this is the right path. Thanks again!

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