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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
Slide each of the seats forward and lift the back of the floor carpet. Feel the padding underneath. The padding is about 1" thick foam that acts like a sponge. The carpet can feel dry while the padding remains soaked.

The best way to dry the padding is to remove the carpet and let it air dry with a fan or in the sun. I don't like to pull the whole carpet out. What has worked good enough for me is to remove the seats and the gas pedal, then prop the carpet up with some wood. Circulate air underneath with a small heater or fan. It can take two to three days to dry.

***If you turn the key while the seats are disconnected from the wire harness, the airbag light will need to be reset.

***If there is moisture in the electronics box under the seat, it can cause failure of the immobilizer, locks, and windows. Best to check it, make sure it is dry and not starting to corrode. Even when the corrosion has started they can often be saved.
I had to use a shop vac on one boxster -- the amount of water the backside of the carpet (pad) can contain is impressive.

In stead of sandbagging for floods -- I'm just going to collect Boxster carpets and place them around my beach house.

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