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If you get rid of the Boxster and JGC for a Macan, what's going to happen in three years when your step-son is off to college, you don't have to contend with his car and you're sick of the compromise of the Macan?

You'll be asking this board if you should sell the Macan and get used Boxsters and JGCs.

As others offered, you've got the best of both sports and SUV worlds, both paid for. Don't succumb to the shiny baubel that is newer.

Delayed gratification can be almost always be better than instant gratification. So says this guy with a 2001 S owned for 7 years and now at 141K miles. Been looking at newer for three years because it would be newer. But the 01 is still great, and I can save for something even better later than if I pull the trigger now.


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