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Re: what we agreed upon - i definitely asked the shop to give a physical copy of the PPI to the seller. I eventually decided to travel down/purchase the boxster on a weekend so the shop wouldn't be open. Re: inspection details, we definitely discussed the extent of what they would be checking (no leakdown or compression test etc). Despite the explicit request, the original owner didn't get a copy, else it would be in my possession now.

That being said, this conversation was thru the phone so whatever was said doesnt matter as it'll end up being a he-said she-said situation. Thats what my qns are asking for - I'd love to find a stronger "legal entitlement" to the report if it exists.

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A repair estimate isn't a prescribed service, but they usually come in writing (from any reputable shop). The OP is invited to contact me. I'll get you that report. Gratis.
Appreciate the offer to help. Sent you a PM.
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