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Durametric 'Spec. Angle vs Actual Angle' question

While waiting on my SAI system to get to pass mode, I am tackling another issue.

Durametric is showing a p1325 and p1341. The CEL has never come on.

My camshaft Deviations have always been steady:
Cam 1 -0.75
Cam 2 1.28
...since I reinstalled the motor.
Engine seems to be running great and all of these values are from the car being well warmed up.

Looking at the 'Actual Angle for Inlet Cam Bank 1 and 2' at idle I am seeing anywhere from .4 to -.55 avg for the high and low ends of the reading...both cams.

Looking at the 'Spec. Angle for Inlet Cam Bank 1 and 2' I see a reading of @ .4 or lower for bank 2

...but at idle, bank 1 is a flat-line 0.00.

If I blip the throttle, it (cam 1) can soar to over 30!......but quickly settles in to @ whatever bank 1 cam is reading.

Any thoughts as to what might be going on?

2003 Boxster S
1939 Ford DeLuxe Coupe w/392 Hemi
1984 Suby Vanagon Westfalia
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