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Just mounted PS2's (big grin)

Came out of the office one day just over a wek ago, the light and my angle of view were just right and I was shocked to see that my right rear was nearly bald . I knew I was going to need new tires in the very near future but my hand was forced. Had no choice but to bite the bullet and get a new set of shoes, at least on the back.

So I ordered two new PS2's for the rear and just had them mounted Friday. They stick like no other street tire I have owned and they look cool to boot ! I can't wait to get a set for the front, but with three cars I have to budget my expenses. I can already tell I will not get much more than 12-15k out of these, they are really soft, but it will be fun!

I think this also solved a nagging tire vibraton/noise I have had since I bought the car several months ago. Thought I am not certain yet, because this noise was really only noticeable with the top up... the weather has been so fantastic here the last few days I have had the top down any time I went out .

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